Women of Color

Women of Color

Hi this is Stephanie Kay Atwood with the podcast Active After 35 Thrive to 105. We share the stories of women whether 35, 55, 85 or 105 both known and unknown, famous and not. We want you to listen and grow from what you hear.

Learn about the awesome women who make each decade better and rise up, even through adversity and an ever-advancing amount of days and years. They are women like you.

Rosa Kadera-Redmond
Rosa Kadera-Redmond

The podcast currently has 2 episodes about women of color who share what it’s like to grow up in America, female and with skin of color. Interestingly both women have spent a fair amount of time living with white families. Their stories are unique and informative.

The episode with Karen DeBolt, black, disabled, over 50, and indestructible was released on May 16.

On June 6 we will release the episode with Rosa Kadera-Redmond who discusses growing up as a mixed race woman in America.

Both stories offer terrific listening.

I invite you to download the entire series of podcasts as they represent women over 35 and up to 105 who are staying involved in each day and each year. Some of these women are like you.

With inspiration and education from women around the globe and of all ages Active After 35 Thrive to 105 is delightful listening for 30 minutes every week.

Karen DeBolt

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