Weekly Pep Talk Archives 2010

Weekly Pep Talk Archives 2010

The Weekly Pep Talk March 29 – April 4, 2010

Dedicated to the gift that we all share in being able to move! Don’t waste it!

Note: The Weekly Pep Talk was started in 2006 by Go WOW Coach and Founder Stephanie Kay Atwood. Initially sent as a basic email and, as the club grew, mailed out via a Content Management System with photos, text, and graphics. Follow the evolution and inspiration of the messages and data put forward weekly for members and interested women from around the globe. We hope you enjoy your journey through memory lane as the empowerment movement for women became stronger with each passing week. 

Dear WOW Ladies and Interested Readers,

Another amazing week! We now have the Oakland Running Festival behind us. For those of you who completed it, congratulations in a big way! For those who have other goals, let’s not forget what The WOW Team is about – lifetime fitness, through running and walking. We all have many more miles within us!

Be sure to go the link on our website titled “I did it!” to read the personal accounts of several of our team as they completed the races last weekend. If you participated, please add your own comments by filling in the “Response” Box on the page. If you didn’t participate but want to congratulate those who did, please go to the same link and write your comments.

It was a memorable weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing so many of you completing your goals. These are the names I saw or know were out there. Please let me know if I omitted your name.

Congratulations to Festival Participants: Elke Vogt, Brittany Price, Tami Price and Jeff, Jeanetta Mack, Heidi Harrison, Melanie Archer, Julie Yokoyama, Coach Rob, Pat Garakian, Jennifer Birch, Kerry Sullivan, Minming Wu, Kiera Newton, Ann Bartlett, Ashley Chandler, Christy Gerren, Diane Mateus, Jen Wuest, Lauren Ganes, Mayra Montoya, Pam Quintella, Stephaney Claybon, Kathy B, Rachel Ceasare, Sarah Pichler, Sara Norris, Kara Waltz.

Celebrate on April 11

The parties on! Let’s celebrate the Oakland Running Festival victories and recognize those members after the workout at Point Isabel on Sunday April 11. Bring a dish for four to share. WOW will provide cups, dishes, Tree Top trim juice, and sample racing/workout snacks. It’s All Free! Details found at http://gowowteam.com/celebrate-on-april-11/

10 Hours for The WOW Team Challenge

I know that many of you put in 10 hours or more working out between January 1 and March 31. Come to the celebration on April 11, bring your tally sheet, and pick up your prize! Not only do you get a very cool bag but it is filled with goodies! To be handed out on April 11. Be there! It’s All Free! Details found at http://gowowteam.com/celebrate-on-april-11/

Plan Your Next Goal

The WOW Team will offer training and discounts for several upcoming events, including

  • The Bay to Breakers,
  • The See Jane Run Half Marathon and 5K,
  • The SF Half Marathon and Progressive Marathon,
  • The San Jose Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon,
  • The Healdsburg Half and Full Marathon, and
  • The CIM 4 Person Relay. Train with us!

Find out more at our April 11 Celebration.

Volunteer Team Captains

Wanted! Volunteers to organize the participants in the upcoming races. We need you to assist with these events to be eligible for the group discounts. Please step up to the plate if you are interested in doing a particular race. Here are the current races that need someone to head up the organization. Coach Stephanie has procured a discount if we get enough sign-ups. ContactCoachStephanie@GoWOWTeam.com if you are interested.

May 16 – Bay to Breakers – need a team captain

June 5 – See Jane Run 5K and Half Marathon – need a team captain

July 25 – SF Half Marathon and Progressive Marathon – Coach Stephanie, Team Captain

October 3 – San Jose Rock’n’Roll – need a team captain

October 10 – Healdsburg Half and Full Marathon – Lauren Ganes, Team Captain

December 5 – CIM Relay – Kim Lowe, Team Captain

If you are interested in organizing the group for another race, please talk with Coach Stephanie. All it takes is someone with the interest and energy to coordinate. Coach Stephanie and The WOW Team will fill in the details. Just ask…

It’s All Free! Details found at http://gowowteam.com/celebrate-on-april-11/

April 10 Clinic

If you want to avoid injury, improve your walking or running, or are attempting your first race, Coach Stephanie is offering a clinic on Saturday, April 10 to help you determine where you are now and what to do to improve. We will focus on techniques for preventing injury, stretching with foam rollers, determining a realistic speed and distance for your next race, hills, breathing, race day success, cross training, and more. We will take time to share run/walk technique in the last hour for those who wish to learn the details. RSVP now! WOW Members get a 25% discount. Go to http://gowowteam.com/join-us


If you signed up for The Oakland Marathon Training Program your membership has expired. Please renew soon. You don’t want to miss out, do you? Renewals can be made online at the website or you can bring or mail a check to ALTB International, Inc. 525 Crestlake Drive, San Francisco, CA  94132

Thank you to everyone who wore her WOW T-shirt at The Oakland Running Festival. You made me mighty proud!

We’ve lost some of you along the way…

Now, for those of you who can’t participate…for the millions of reasons that come up. There will be another race. Please do not give up – especially don’t give up on setting goals and “going for it”. If you want this to happen, let’s make it happen together.

I can’t tell you how often I think about each of you in The WOW Team. If you get injured I feel horrible; if family issues prevent you from spending time on your own pursuits, I sympathize; if health issues curtail your continuing, I agonize over the hard times that you are facing.

If there is a way that The WOW Team can jump in there and make a difference for you, please know that we care. This group is about women striving high. We may need to drop down for a while but we can jump back up there, in time. This is what WOW wants for each of us. A lifetime of fitness with the opportunity to celebrate together by moving. What a gift! If now is not your time, it will come. Don’t’ give up!

Every Saturday Coach Rob leads runs out of the lululemon Store in Walnut Creek. Check directly with lululemon for details on time, etc. While these runs are less structured and, at present are truly “runs”, if there is interest from our walkers/runners I think we could accommodate you. Talk to me, Rob, or Jessica. These runs are free and open to the community.

Sunday – all women are invited to work out with the “inner east bay” WOW group. This group is strong, growing, and welcomes every level of athlete – walkers, runners, dogs on leash, strollers, walk/runners. We meet at 8:00 AM. Go to the main website at http://gowowteam.com/calendar for information.

The Outer East Bay Group will train for The San Jose Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon on October 3. The 12 week training program starts June 28 and will include training in the Walnut Creek area.

Coach Rob and I are still working out these details. Stay tuned for weeknight boot camps geared to WOW Members! These will start in May in Walnut Creek and will include track/speed plus core and strength training.

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Coach Stephanie

P.S. Don’t forget…Time to Renew

If you signed up for the Oakland Marathon Training program your membership expires soon! We will be sending out a renewal notice or you can go online and renew through Paypal now. Your new membership would start in April. Don’t miss out! Things are just getting good… http://gowowteam.com/join-us/

With long distance running, sports nutrition, and personal training certification, Master’s Competitor Stephanie Atwood is the ideal trainer and coach. Need a personal trainer? Talk to your Coach. 415 682-8819