Uphill in Both Directions with Nancy Phelps, Mountain Woman

Uphill in Both Directions with Nancy Phelps, Mountain Woman

With Nancy Phelps

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Mountain woman Nancy Phelps is a self-described 65 year old eclectic who is also a hiker, climber, mountaineer, psychologist, and more.



Nancy and Stephanie became friends when they both attended an Outward Bound School in the Pacific Northwest in 1969, the first-ever “girls’ course” offered. The girls hiked, climbed and explored the mountains while, at the same time, learning how to dig deep for confidence and trust as they faced wilderness obstacles throughout the 26 day course.

Nancy and Stephanie loved being in the mountains and hiked the Pacific Crest Trail together in 1972.

Listen to the interview that starts with Nancy as a little girl and moves throughout her life through today. From Mt. Washington on both coasts to the Grand Teton in the middle of the country, Nancy loves those mountains!

She and Stephanie had a lot of laughs when discussing some of the old memories from almost 50 years ago…


Nancy’s Website: www.mindbloggling76.com
Email mindbloggling76@gmail.com
Northwest Outward Bound https://www.nwobs.org/
National Outward Bound https://outwardbound.org

Outward Bound is an international, non-profit, independent outdoor-education organization with approximately 40 schools around the world and 200,000 participants per year. Wikipedia


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