Surgical Skin Reduction with Holly Haley

Surgical Skin Reduction with Holly Haley

The Low Down on Surgical Skin Reduction

Holly Haley Shares What, How, and Why

A beautiful woman discusses a subject with compassion and integrity

Skin removal
Holly Haley on the left shares her story about surgically removing extra skin.

Holly Haley is a beautiful, vibrant 36-year-old woman who has battled weight issues for most of her life. This has never stopped her from participating in all kinds of activities including running races all the way up to a marathon, 26.2 miles.

Since Holly had yo yo’d with weight for many years she had skin that would not firm up, even as she lost significant pounds of fat. This interview will cover Holly’s story and decision to have surgery for skin reduction and the ramifications for anyone considering this type of surgery.

We’ll discuss the emotional and surgical issues in making this type of decision to change one’s body.

Holly’s episode will be released on April 18, 2017

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