Best Selling Authors

Best Selling Authors

Best Selling Authors include Stephanie Atwood who writes books about good health and fitnessStephanie Atwood is a best selling author

She rose to the top of best selling authors in fitness and nutrition. Stephanie Atwood, M.A. has more than 30 years of experience and extensive credentials. By focusing on real food, real activity, and living fully Atwood brings practical information and useful techniques to the reading public. Her books are about nutrition, fitness, cooking, and motivation.

Periodically she offers preview chapters of those books to anxious readers.

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Atwood is dedicated to bringing women a lifestyle of overall wellness and fitness through nutrition, movement, and group support. She is nationally certified as a health coach, personal trainer, sports nutrition consultant, and run coach. She has written several  bestselling books and is a leader in the field of adult women re-discovering health and vitality. Atwood founded Go WOW Team, voted the Bay Area’s Best Run Club, in 2006.

Through education, example, motivation, direction, writing, speaking, and community building she empowers women.

I want each women to “find her athlete within” leading to regular activity, eating well, and knowing that a community exists to keep her on the right track.

The spillover helps us in our individual lives, and with our families as a ripple effect.

For more information about the Get Fit Program, Go WOW Team or Go WOW Living look for our website or visit us on Facebook, twitter, Meetup, and LinkedIn.

Following is a list of her current books and those to be published soon:

  1. Belly Fat Blowout
  2. Belly Fat Blowout 2
  3. Run Faster Race Better
  4. Run Faster Race Even Better
  5. Journal – A Day of Inspiration and Motivation
  6. Freezer Meals – Meal Plan, Shopping List, Recipes
  7. Gluten Free Freezer Meals – Meal Plan, Shopping List, Recipes
  8. Confidence: The Accidental Athlete 
  9. The Accidental Athlete 2 – Coming soon
  10. Start a Run Club. Always Have a Running Partner