Stay Fit During the Summer

Stay Fit During the Summer

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Summer is a great opportunity to get out of the “same old, same old” and try something differentStay fit during the summer. Change things up.

Stay fit during the summer. Change things up.

by Lauren Ganes, RRCA Long Distance Running Coach
It’s summer, and that often means vacations and changes in our routines. Does that mean you need to stop exercising? Of course not, it is an opportunity to change things up.

If your vacation takes you to the mountains it provides you the opportunity to run or walk along beautiful trails under the canopy of tall trees and beautiful meadows full of wildflowers. Use those hills to increase your aerobic capacity, or recognize how strong you have become from your previous training.

If you are in a city, enjoy walking as you take in new vistas.

Whether you are in a city or the countryside, renting a bike is another way to include exercise while on vacation.

Summer means warmer weather and the opportunity to jump into the water. Pools, lakes and the ocean are great for swimming, as well as kayaking or canoeing. Take advantage of this time to use the water whether at home or while on vacation.

Now, if you have added some biking and swimming to your exercise routines, think about training for a sprint triathlon at the end of this summer. The distances for the swim would be ¼ or ½ mile, the bike would be 12 miles and the run would be 3.1 miles.

Continue to stay fit this summer at home and on vacation!

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