Sex, Love & Sleeping Apart

Sex, Love & Sleeping Apart

The Sleeping Apart Debacle

Jenny Adams Talks Truth & Stigma

Married & Sleeping Apart Podcast Airs on May 2, 2017

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep and Keep Your Relationship Alive

“My husband and I lasted a week in a bed together when he first moved into my house and we had to face the fact that as much as we loved each other, we just couldn’t share a bed.”

Nine years later, we are still very happily married and very happily sleeping in our own bedrooms every night. And I know that there are thousands of couples out there in the same situation because I spoke to many of them as I wrote my book.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels confident to stand up and say “I sleep separately and it’s OK” because they feel they will be judged negatively.

Sleeping Apart does not Indicate a Rotten Marriage

As a dedicated and happy separate sleeper, I am on a crusade to start two conversations.

The first is the conversation between you and your partner about what your needs are when it comes to sleep. Is your  person to sleep with yourself? And if so, how can you tell your partner this news while re-assuring them there is nothing wrong with your relationship?

The second is the conversation with you and the rest of the world that sleeping separately is OK. How can you let everyone know that there is nothing wrong with your relationship just because you want to sleep in your own bed every night, or even just some nights?

Listen to Jenny, Bev, and Stephanie talk about the stigma of sleeping apart and the book and successful marriage that Jenny has created by going directly to iTunes or visiting our podcast website at Active After 35 Thrive to 105

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