Running Injuries with Dr. Sandy Baird

Running Injuries with Dr. Sandy Baird


Sports Injuries Affect All of Us if We Remain Active

No Matter What Age

Listen to Chiropractor Sandy Baird talk about prevention & treatment as she shares her story

Dr. Baird’s Podcast Episode Airs on May 9, 2017 on iTunes

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This episode on Active After 35 Thrive to 105 focuses on marathon training and sports injuries, especially running injuries. Dr. Baird is the perfect person to talk with because she works on clients daily as a licensed chiropractor. This field has become extremely important for athletes to keep them protected from injury and informed as they heal.

Dr. Sandy Baird owns Riverstone Chiropractic in Oakland, California. Sandy is the go to chiropractor for Go WOW Team, my run club here in the SF Bay Area.

“I see my clients go thru similar emotional journeys with their running injuries.

Usually it’s a really bad knee pain that is keeping them from running as much as they’d like. But that’s just the physical layer.

Underneath is the fear that they will never get better or that this will get worse and they will never be able to run and they will never be able to release that stress of their day job if they can’t go running or a lot of people tell me they are scared they are going to gain weight if they can’t exercise, or they will never be able to trail run with their friends and they will miss out on the things they love!”

Or they know a co-worker who just had to have knee surgery and they are afraid of having to do that or of the results of that.

But it doesn’t help to compare yourself to other runners. Just by looking at someone you have no idea what injuries they have overcome or what they may be silently suffering with, or what mechanical dysfunctions that they may have in their bodies that might turn into pain tomorrow, or next week, or next month…

There is Hope. There is Help.

You can recover from most running injuries even when they seem really bad. Work at being patient and kind to yourself and just know that no one else is walking (running?) in your shoes…you are on your own unique health and wellness journey, and sometimes that includes working through injuries.”

Join us as Sandy shares her story of how she started her professional life as a civil engineer, moved into massage, and ultimately became licensed as a chiropractor.

A lifelong athlete, Sandy draws on her athletic and academic experience to provide a comfortable and effective treatment experience that best addresses the needs of her patients.

Sandy treats elite athletes & weekend warriors

She has provided treatments at Oakland bay area marathons, trail runs, and triathlons, including the See Jane Run triathlon, Brazen Racing events, and the Nike Women’s marathon.

She also speaks to numerous local running groups and clubs on a variety of topics such as injury prevention, treatment of specific injuries, nutrition, and recovery techniques.

Dr. Baird is a certified Active Release Techniques provider, which requires undergoing a rigorous credentialing process that includes in-depth knowledge of muscular skeletal structures in the entire body. She is also certified in Graston Techniques and SpiderTech taping, which have become the gold standard treatment modalities for soft tissue injuries.

Before obtaining her chiropractic training, Dr. Baird received a B.S. in Engineering from U.C. Berkeley. She also graduated, with top honors, as a certified massage therapist from the National Holistic Institute’s training program, providing her with a strong background in anatomy and biomechanics.


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