Real Food and Regular Activity Create Magic

Real Food and Regular Activity Create Magic

While this may sound surprising, many of us do not make the connection between eating real food, moving on a regular basis, and keeping our bodies healthy. There is some type of mental gap that often removes practical thinking from the way we live our lives. The magic of real food and regular activity comes alive as we make this realization a reality.

Who thinks a healthy body will thrive on either junk food or no food?

_3449043264On the one hand we are starving our bodies by omitting most nutrients but eating high amounts of calories in junk food. On the other hand, when we go no food we are denying our body calories and thinking that it will cause us to lose weight. The reality is that our body goes into deprivation mode, believing that this new phenomenon of no food may last for a while. Our body reacts by slowing our metabolism, saving fat stores, and preparing for the long haul of no food.

Is this what we want? Empty, processed food or a body that prepares itself for “starvation mode” with almost no energy? No.

Common sense, once it takes over, tells us that we need food that sustains us and movement that allows our bodies to function well and at a high level.

Eat well, move often, feel great!

Eating a menu of varied types of fruits, vegetables, and quality protein, along with regular activity sets us up for health and wellness as a lifestyle, not a short term, short lived solution. For most of us this is a reality check and then, a change of habits.

The most difficult part of changing habits, for many of us, is accepting that we need to change AND that we need to take responsibility for our own well-being.

Take some time to go through the steps of accepting the simple realities of good health:

  1. Food provides the basis of living
  2. Movement allows the freedom of a functional body
  3. When food and movement are combined in simple but understood habits we will not only survive but thrive
  4. Optimum weight and health will result from utilizing these simple concepts

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