Pre Race Nutrition

Pre Race Nutrition

Join Coach Stephanie, Boston Marathon Qualifier, as she discusses pre race nutrition for marathoners and shorter race distances too.

Stephanie Kay Atwood, a nutritionist and trainer/coach knows the inside story about sports nutrition. With more than 30 years of running and coaching experience, and 2 best selling books about running, Stephanie is an expert on the subject.



Stephanie Atwood Best Selling AuthorStephanie Kay Atwood, M.A. CHNRC is a best-selling author, nationally certified coach, trainer, nutrition consultant and masters competitor with Boston Marathon Qualifying times from her 20’s to her 60’s!

She is founder of the award winning Go WOW Team, training group of women, currently located in the SF Bay Area and voted Best Run Club in the Bay by ABC 7 Poll.

Her book, Belly Fat Blowout, a best seller on Amazon, addresses the potential of increasing fat burning in the body. “Utilizing more of our body’s stores of fat creates additional sources of energy and maintains blood sugar balance. This allows athletes to go farther before refueling and reduces their body fat percentage.” What athlete doesn’t want a lighter, leaner, more efficient body?

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