Pre Race Jitters

Pre Race Jitters

How to handle pre race jitters for best race strategies

Whether it is your first race, a new distance, or a distance you have covered many times, most likely you will have some pre race jitters and anxiety before and possibly at the beginning of the race.

How to handle the anxiety

before the race is to make sure you have everything ready for race morning:  clothes are laid out with bib pinned on, and timing chip placed on shoe.  Follow your normal routines, and if you can’t sleep, don’t worry, just rest.  Visualize yourself on the race course and crossing the finish line.  Your adrenaline will carry you through on race day.

Race morning eat the same breakfast you have eaten for your training runs.  When you get to the race make sure you use the port-a-potty.  When the race begins, keep your rhythm and focus on your breathing.  Make sure you don’t go out too fast, and remember you can do this because you have trained for it.

Coach Stephanie Adds: As a second reminder, be sure to use the porta-potty once, maybe even twice before your event starts. Nerves have a way of making this step a very important one.

Once that gun goes off at the START you will get into a rhythm and the excitement of the race will finally overcome those pre race jitters.

Pre race jitters are normal

so it’s important to acknowledge it and have strategies for yourself.  Have a mantra to keep you going.  (Light and lift, I can do this, I’m ready, I’ve trained for this, Strong and steady, etc).

Coach Lauren Ganes Go WOW LivingLauren Ganes is a coach, endurance runner, and triathlete who has written the “Marathon Minute” Column for Go WOW for several years.

Coach Lauren has placed in her age group in races ranging from 5K to Olympic Distance Triathlons. Her spirit, skill, and determination make her an exceptional trainer and highly valued coach. Go WOW is lucky to have her on our team.

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