Peri-Menopause and Weight Gain

Peri-Menopause and Weight Gain

peri-menopauseFor any of you who feel that peri-menopause (or menopause) may be affecting you, especially your weight, let’s talk about some generalities first.

One thing I have seen is that our metabolism does seem to slow down so, unless we are more active or cut back on portions we may put on additional fat and that fat tends to go to our middle at this stage of our life.

In my own experience (and research) I also know that more protein is required because we don’t assimilate it as well as we age. This will affect our energy levels and our storage of fat.
Specific exercise or movement that benefits our “core” area is also very important because our muscles are losing tone and strength while our hormones are adding fat to our “middles”.

Personally I love to eat so I put in the extra time for movement to justify relatively good sized meals and snacks. I also notice that alcohol is a weight increase reality (moderation is good) since I love red wine.

In summary, this is a time in our lives where we need to think a few things through and make changes. Status quo is not realistic but getting better as we age is…