Oakland Rising With Ayana Labossiere

Oakland Rising With Ayana Labossiere

Episode 19 of the Podcast Active After 35 Thrive to 105

Ayana Labossiere is one of the podcast co-hosts and has lived in Oakland almost all of her life. Her story is about thriving. Even through the very difficult role of care-giving to her mother, who suffers from a chronic disease, working through the grief of a best friend who was murdered, and becoming a new mother, Ayana has persevered and thrived. Thrive and Be Whole is the business that Ayana has established to share her skills and experience dealing with overwhelm and the uncertainty of life.

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A graduate of Columbia University, Ayana has chosen to be a Health & Wellness Coach, providing self-care strategies to overwhelmed and underserved people. She speaks to groups, does trainings, and provides individual coaching, helping her clients create more fulfilling and balanced lives.

Ayana and Stephanie discuss growing up in Oakland, relocating to New York, returning to Oakland, and learning how to cope with life’s curve balls.

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