Not White but Not Not White with Rosa Kadera-Redmond

Not White but Not Not White with Rosa Kadera-Redmond

June 6, 2017 Episode 14

 Rosa Kadera-Redmond

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Not White but Not Not White

Rosa talks about life as a mixed race woman in the U.S.A.

When Rosa Kadera-Redmond and I ran long miles together we had hours to discuss whatever came to mind. I was intrigued by a comment she made that was later followed up by our podcast interview and, just today, resurfaced on a radio byte on KCBS.

Not white but not NOT white is the topic. What is it like being raised as a woman of color, mixed race, not black, not white, but both?

Rosa Kadera-Redmond

I spoke with Rosa, on a long run, and she was reflecting on a college course assignment that was related to a student perspective on daily life, media, and responses. The professor didn’t even seem to understand, when Rosa raised the question, that things might be different for a person of color than the greater population of the class that was white. This intrigued me.

Rosa was willing to interview for Active After 35 Thrive to 105 and I am pleased to share her story. Today’s news recording of “Not white but not NOT white” was so succinct in much of what Rosa has shared that I took the line directly from the KCBS newscast.

Thank you Rosa for the time and thought that went into the interview…