Marathon Nutrition

Marathon Nutrition

It’s time to train better for CIM in December with marathon nutrition now

marathon nutrition

When you apply marathon nutrition to your overall training program you have even greater potential to run your very best race!

On June 30, 2016 at 6:30PM I’ll be holding a call about marathon training nutrition. Everyone is invited to this free call. I’ll go over the details from my best selling book and online programs that includes the all-important nutritional component of training.

When you lower your body fat percentage, through metabolic fat burning, you increase the body’s ability to utilize oxygen and other nutrients. At the same time you adjust your fat burning efficiency for improved endurance and energy!

Call in details:

Thursday, June 30

Start time: 6:30PM PST

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I will go over the basics of fat burning metabolism and how you can utilize this technique for improved functionality during each phase of your training.

This call will focus specifically on marathon training and our upcoming CIM Marathon and Relay in December. By starting now, with a food and fitness regimen, we can lower our body fat percentages while training mileage is relatively low.

As we increase our mileage we will be more concerned with fueling for energy and can address this in our food strategy, too.

I am excited to apply this to our upcoming training and hope you will consider joining me on this nutritional journey. The call will be brief and there will be time for questions. I will also offer a follow-up recording if you can’t make the live event.

If you have questions, please submit them in advance, if possible. This will assure that I can address your queries.

I hope to hear from you on the call!


Coach Stephanie

RSVP here. Details will be sent to all who RSVP.

Start time: 6:30PM PST

Thursday, June 30, 2016