Lulu and Grandma A Free Book for You

Lulu and Grandma A Free Book for You

Lulu and her grandma love to dance, sing, climb mountains, read, bake, and explore their world together. They create new adventures every time they meet! Lulu lives in the United States with her parents. Abuelita, Lulu’s grandma lives in a small town in Mexico.

The adventures of Lulu and Grandma begin with the energetic and totally charming dancing rain drops!

Free Audio Book of Lulu and Grandma Dance with the Rain in Spanish and English

Free Audio Book. Claim Yours Now!


When Lulu and her Abuelita get together they have amazing adventures and a lot of fun!

Lulu and Grandma Dance with the Rain is the first story in this captivating series and we want to offer interested readers a free audio book in English or in Spanish. All books in the series are written in Spanish and English and are beautifully illustrated so that you can share the rich diversity of Mexico and the US with your young child.

Written for 2 – 4 year olds to be read by a loving adult or a curious child

The text is written for 2 – 4 year olds and is an excellent way to introduce your child to Spanish and English language and culture.

And the words are simple enough that your child can start “reading” from the amazing illustrations and large, simple letters that form the story.

Adventures full of love, life, and two feisty females!

Click here to receive your FREE audio version (in Spanish or English) of the first book in the series – Lulu and Grandma Dance With the Rain and Lulu y su Abuelita Bailan con la Lluvia.

Free Audio Book. Claim Yours Now!


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