Last Chance Live Call Tonight

Last Chance Live Call Tonight

Time for Change…

Last Chance, Special Price. Call in tonight. 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge

Hi from Stephanie Atwood, nutritionist, author, coach-trainer and creator of the 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge.

This challenge is jam-packed with nourishment for the body and the soul. We will cover a lot and I promise you that you will hear things you never heard before!

There are at least 3 parts to this program that will blow your mind. They’re so simple!

My nutritional and fitness strategies are a combination of more than 3 decades of testing and learning. Some people can’t believe what they’re hearing but…

When they test it out, it works! I promise.

Please join us for a live call:

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Stephanie Atwood is the creator of the 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge

My approach to fat burning and losing belly fat is not a gimmick. It’s totally healthy and makes you feel GREAT!

Before we get started, I want you to fully understand that you are beautiful in the body you were given. You are already perfect. Your body knows what it needs. I am here to help you find that balance and bring out that beauty.

Certainly, you might not know everything at this point but I know you are willing to commit and have the heart to follow a new path.

I know this is true because I searched for decades to find answers. I was where you are now.

As a young woman I got really fat. I ate junk food, sat at a desk all day, and became more and more unhealthy.

The 2 donuts and coffee breakfast, restaurant lunch every day at work, and exhausted, couch potato in the evening was a life I was living.

I got fat, not because I didn’t care.


I tried a lot of gimmick diets and yo-yoed up and down for a while. White rice and water, 4 chocolate chip cookies in a day with nothing else, purging, etc.

It wasn’t pretty

The problem was, I had NO idea how to successfully change.

I started walking, then jogging as a way to lose weight. I fell in love!

By being active, my body started changing. I had discovered an activity (walking/jogging) that I could do during lunch, or after work, or early in the morning.

In other words, I could participate in regular activity with my schedule.

Initially, I was walking and jogging in the dark, after work, because I was embarrassed for anyone to see me.

I became a running fanatic because it was so easy to get out and do it. I started running with other folks who knew more than I did and taught me new tricks and tips.

I used to think that my weight and my health were in the hands of others – the professionals because I had no sense of my own ability to take control.

Then, in addition to the movement that I loved, I was introduced to metabolic fat burning.

I spent more than a year testing the nutritional concept called metabolic fat burning on myself. It worked. I was hooked!

I learned that simple real food and regular movement, a process that can be repeated again and again, can bring true health, fitness, weight loss, and renewed vitality.

Then I was ready to test the program locally.

11 women beta tested the program for us here in the Bay Area. Their success was phenomenal – ranging from losing 25 pounds, to losing cravings, to the disappearance of bloating.

In my own experience I reduced my body fat percentage by about 15% and increased my fat burning ability (tested in a lab) meaning that I required less food to balance my hunger and energy levels.  I even wrote 2 books about it.

Since that time hundreds of women (and even men) have followed the fat burning program.

It works!

Now we’re ready to launch nationally.

Join the 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge. Just click on the photo for the link.

I tweaked the program to become totally online and formatted for a 30-day challenge.

The convenience for my customers makes it possible for almost everyone to fit this program into their life, no matter how many kids, what the work schedule, how long they commute. This program is convenient.

This is not a “fly by night” quick fix program.

I want you to develop a lifestyle eating plan that allows you to lose fat (including belly fat), get fit (understand the ease and importance of including regular activity), and feel good. EVERY DAY!

At my age (heading toward 70) I take no meds, eat real food (all kinds) and stay active.

You can do this too. Starting from where you are NOW.

We can do this together.

I didn’t claim good health through magic. I did it through eating and moving smart and you can too. No matter what age. *

I see you.

I see you excitedly tell your friends and family about your new “health program” and your spirits drop when they tell you it probably won’t work.

I see you lose friends that don’t understand why you no longer have time for donuts and coffee, instead of a walk outside.

I see you cooking and prepping food for you and your family when you are tired because it is the food that will nourish your body and give you back your “true wellness”.

I see you facing friends and family who want you to succumb to poor eating habits and sporadic activity because they want you to be like them.

I see you because I’ve been where you are.

Sometimes it is difficult to put into words what keeps us going, even though we have a clear vision of it in our mind.

If you were able to drop weight, stop cravings, increase energy, and (for some) reduce meds, all naturally, how would this change your life? Where would you be? Who would you be with? How would you feel? What could this mean for those who love you?

Email or call in and tell me because I want to honor your dream and help you make it a reality.

Activate Your WOW!

Stephanie Atwood // // @gowowliving

P.S. Email me or join me on the call tonight ** and share how your life would change if you dropped weight, stopped cravings, and increased your energy. How would this change your life? How would you feel? How could you be better for those who love you?

* If you have pre-existing health conditions, please consult a doctor before starting this, or any other program.

** Call in, Tuesday May 3 6PM PST

1 712-432-3011

Code: 211360

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