Karen DeBolt, Black, No Legs, No Pity

Karen DeBolt, Black, No Legs, No Pity

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May 16, 2017 Episode 11  Black, No Legs, No Pity, Indestructible

The Story of Karen DeBolt

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Karen DeBolt, bottom left with sister Sunee (right) and niece above

Born without legs and only partial arms

Most of us cannot imagine how we might function. Yet Karen DeBolt deals with this on a daily basis. Karen is also black. Karen’s story reflects on her life from being adopted at age 5 to her life now, having passed the half century mark. It has had its ups and downs, like all of us. Her story, however has added dimension due to the extreme difficulties that she has had to deal with.

Listen to Karen’s story of love, reality, and growing up as a black person, with extreme disabilities, in a white family. Learn where she is today, over 50 and making me, her big sister, so proud.

The DeBolt Family (featured in the Academy Award Winning Film “Who are the DeBolts and How Did They Get 19 Children?)  is well known for their adopted and blended children with many physical challenges. Karen DeBolt’s interview, 45 years later, is a testimony to the strength of love and bonding under the most convoluted dynamics imaginable!

We are a family of 20 siblings, 14 of them adopted. Thus, when Karen is black and I am white; when Karen is 16 years younger than I; when Karen and I grew up in a family that was far from “normal” she faced obstacles that, as her white, older sister, eluded me until I understood, much later in life, that “love does not conquer all”. Love, however does make a HUGE difference.

Karen has given birth to 2 boys and has learned to be a competent and loving mother. Needless to say, she faced obstacles that many of us have never even considered.

Karen’s story is one of hope, inspiration, and laughter

Her laugh is contagious. When you listen you will laugh along with the two of us as we move from childhood to adulthood, from innocence to independence, from naïveté to wisdom.

I was honored to interview my grown-up sister and share with the world what a truly beautiful and accomplished woman she is. Love you Sis!


  • For speaking and interview opportunities contact Karen at (903) 904-4168.
  • Facebook Karen Debolt the address with the beautiful mountain scene
  • Watch the Academy Award winning film Who Are The DeBolts and Where Did They Get 19 Children follow this link
  • Read the book about Karen and the DeBolt Family. Available on Amazon. 19 Steps Up the Mountain.


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