Join Go WOW Team Today

Join Go WOW Team Today

Join Go WOW Team Today

The running, walking, community of women living an active lifestyle says “Welcome”!

Go WOW Team encourages an active lifestyle
Young, old, big, little, Go WOW Team is made up of women like YOU! Join us soon.

Welcome! Are you ready to jump in and join Go WOW Team? With fitness, friendship, and fun as our goal and an active lifestyle as our mission, Go WOW is made up of awesome women ranging in age from 20’s – 90’s. We are many sizes, shapes, and abilities.
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What do we have in common?

We are all women and strive to be our best. Many of us have never trained before or are returning after MANY years away. Some of us walk for fitness. Some of us mix walking and running. Some of us are pretty serious runners and are training to improve our times. Most of us participate in a race once in a while.

Founder and Coach Stephanie Atwood started Go WOW Team to bring fitness, through running, walking, and the outdoors, to women everywhere. WOW provides:

  • Safety
  • Organization
  • Community
  • Professional Coaching
  • Accountability
  • Fun
  • Friendship and
  • Opportunity for each, individual woman to explore her athletic potential with a like minded group of supportive peers. Women share  a variety of fitness goals yet appreciate the accountability of regular workouts and the friendships developed over time.

What is included in your Go WOW Team Membership?

Your Go WOW Team Bay Area Membership represents a joint commitment between you and our club.Go WOW Founder Stephanie Atwood believes that you have an “athlete within you” to be explored and discovered. We want to bring that hidden athlete out into the sunlight and train you well and with purpose.

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With several workouts every week and an exceptional group of women workout buddies, of all abilities, Go WOW Team Membership can really make a difference!

All members pay a membership fee which starts on the day you register/pay and includes 6 full months of workouts and a one-on-one goal setting consultation with Coach Stephanie or other certified coaches.  Whether you are training for a marathon or don’t even have a goal yet we ask you to make that commitment. Why do we ask you for this type of commitment? Because we want you to invest in yourself and make fitness part of your lifestyle.

Take your next steps with us!

The Best Run Club

The Best Female Running Buddies 

Your Go WOW Team Membership provides amazing value and

includes multiple workouts every week, for less than a gym membership

One small payment. Big fun and fitness when you join Go WOW!

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It’s Time to Activate Your WOW!

If you truly are not ready to commit you may always join our individual workouts for a drop-in fee on our Meetup site.

**Drop-in: This method does not give you membership in WOW but you are able to participate in workouts and pay as you go. Drop-ins pay and RSVP on Meetup.

Not sure? First WOW visit is always free.

Individual and extra training from our professional staff is also available in nutrition and running.

Make an appointment at our Go WOW Living Website for a free 20 minute initial consult.

Join Go WOW Today!


Now is the time to make this happen!

Join us soon for a neighborhood workout or a virtual coaching session. We are here to help you find your “Athlete Within”. There is no better time than right now to get started with your active lifestyle with us!

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Go WOW Living Activate Your WOW!

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