Go WOW Coached Metabolic Nutrition Training

Go WOW Coached Metabolic Nutrition Training

As a coach, competitive masters runner, and sports nutrition advocate I set out to explore the concept of “metabolic fat burning” for athletes. It was a life changing journey – Stephanie Atwood

Coach Stephanie
Coach Stephanie, at age 62, “working the nutrition”

Your body needs energy!

If you can tweak the amount of energy you get from your stores of fat, rather than having to add carbohydrates when you need a boost, you can train longer and more efficiently with less calories. This program teaches your body to do just that!

Whether you are an accomplished athlete or just getting off the couch, this program can teach your body to burn more of its stores of fat. The benefits are obvious. The vast majority of us would like to be leaner. With metabolic nutrition combined with a training program of regular activity you can achieve more than one or the other by itself.

When a comprehensive training plan includes complete nutrition for runners, in a dynamite package, you’ve got a fat burning, lean machine. Coach Stephanie Atwood, with more than 30 years of experience has developed this results driven program for you.

I wrote a book about metabolic fat burning. It turned into a bestseller in the first week!*

After reading your book, I can truly vouch for the cleanse portion of it. I not only lost weight, but felt so much better by being more hydrated and substitution of more vegetable juices and proteins for the “bad boys” of carbohydrates. I will try to make this program. If I’m not there, I will follow up to attend another speaking engagement.- Araceli

Runner Crossing the Red Tape at the Finish Line
Metabolic fat burning can lower your body’s fat percentage and increase your ability to metabolize fat for energy.

As a nationally certified nutritionist and incredibly curious athlete I set out to learn more about metabolic fat burning as a way to improve my racing efficiency.

In a period of 6 weeks I  learned new eating habits and training patterns that taught my body to burn fat for energy. How did I know this? I started off with an expensive lab test that showed where I was at the start of the process, based on CO2 and O2 exchanges. Then, after 6 weeks we tested this process again for changes. I had moved my fat burning potential higher meaning that I was able to train harder, especially longer, while utilizing more of my body’s fat for required energy.

Add the metabolic advantage to your training. Ready to join us? Part 2 of the metabolic journey starts soon. 

You can do this and now is the time to start. Want a metabolic advantage? Join us for the second phase of this program. Have you taken Part 1?

Here is how you will benefit:

  • Leaner body: increased muscle in relation to fat percentage
  • Increased power ratio: more muscle, less fat = increased power per pound of body weight
  • Lighter body: less impact and lowered energy needs with each step
  • More efficient training and racing: lowers need to ingest calories and prolongs body’s ability to workout before “bonking”
  • Balanced blood sugar: less energy ups and downs during the day and in training
  • Feeling light: the sense of body “wellness” from an eating plan that compliments your lifestyle without inhibiting eating for pleasure and nutrition

What is included?

  • Results!
  • Shopping List with Daily Meal and Exercise Plan
  • Emails every day as reminders and encouragement
  • E-book download of my best selling, fat burning book
  • Live support calls each week with recorded follow-ups for those who can’t make the calls
  • Start any time you wish. Your first email will arrive on Wednesday but you can apply each day as you need.
  • Money back-guarantee

nature-person-red-woman 1024XTime to check out metabolic training. It works! Start with Part 1…

Be sure you’ve already taken Part 1 – our 30 Day Challenge. Then we’ll tweak the results for your athletic plans. Go to http://gowowliving.com/launch 

mondy-back guaranteeMoney back guarantee. Go WOW Living will refund your full purchase within the first 10 days, no questions asked.
*Yes, it works for men, too!

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