Homemade Electrolyte Recipe – Make It Yourself

Homemade Electrolyte Recipe – Make It Yourself

Electrolyte Recipe You Can Make Yourself

Marathon Minute by Lauren Ganes

Beautiful, essential water. Electrolyte Replacement for best nutrition.We have our Garmins and we have our Gymbosses, so we can time ourselves and measure how fast we are running, but we do not have a gadget to measure our hydration and the electrolyte replacement required for longer workouts. How about a homemade electrolyte recipe for some cost-effective nutritional assistance.

When your running schedule has you moving for more than 1 and ½ hours it’s important to hydrate properly. How do you know what to drink and how much?

You are drinking water to replace fluids that are lost through natural body functions and perspiration. A rule of thumb is to drink 4-6 ounces every 20 minutes.

To determine, the exact amount of fluid you need to replace in your body, you need to weigh yourself before you run and then weigh yourself after your run. The amount of weight lost will reflect the amount of water you need to consume. Don’t forget to add back the amount of fluid you took in on the run.

During these longer runs we need to add electrolytes which include sodium, potassium, and calcium. The electrolytes help us regulate the fluid balance in our bodies that also regulates our body temperature. We do not need the extra sugar that is in some of the hydration drinks out on the market. Additional sugar may cause your body to fatigue more easily.

There are many non-sugar electrolyte products on the market. Nuun and Gu Brew are popular tablets and there are other powders as well. You can also find electrolyte drops (Endure) at a Health Food Store. Not all electrolyte replacements include calcium, so make sure you are adding that to your diet.

For those of you running the San Jose Rock’n’Roll the electrolyte liquid is Gatorade, so people should check to make sure it agrees with their stomachs during a practice run.

A recipe for an electrolyte replacement you can make for yourself:

Mix together

  • 2C water
  • ¼ t salt
  • Juice of one lime or lemon
  • 1 T honey, or sugar or agave syrup

Staying hydrated will add to a stronger and more comfortable long run!

P.S. Have you checked in with your buddies to see what liquid they use for fueling their runs?