Healthy Weight Loss Optimized Training

Healthy Weight Loss Optimized Training

Most of us know that nutrition is an essential part of

optimum training and healthy weight loss

healthy-weight-loss-starts-with-healthy-foodRun Coach and Nutritionist Stephanie Atwood has written 2 books* and developed a program for athletes that coordinates training and nutrition for optimum results. You will learn how to use fewer carbohydrates and more of your body’s fat stores to train smart and become more metabolically efficient.

• Time: 9 – 10 AM

• Date: Saturday, July 11

• Location: Road Runner Sports in Berkeley

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• Speaker, Coach Stephanie Atwood, M.A. USATF/RRCA Run Coach, Trainer, and Nutritionist

The nutritional concept focuses mainly on blood sugar balance. How do you maintain healthy blood sugar levels and maximize energy without ingesting additional calories? For many of us, eating while exercising can lead to stomach distress and unwanted stops. And, during working hours, how can you stay focused, energized and avoid those “afternoon lows”?

How do you sustain energy for longer periods of time, during workouts? Fat burning can definitely help. Endurance athletes have been tested before and after training their bodies to burn more fat and the results are clear. You CAN become more efficient as a fat burner.

Stephanie’s talk will go into more details, leave time for questions, and provide a 10 day meal plan based on the first 10 days of her fat burning program Beat Fat, Get Fit, Couch to Accomplished.

Join us!

Stephanie Atwood is the award winning author of Belly Fat Blowout, nationally certified trainer, coach, nutritionist, and active runner. She is founder and head coach of the Bay Area’s Go WOW Team.

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