Good Health Not Taken for Granted

Good Health Not Taken for Granted

Good health and Go WOW go together
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How do you show your gratitude for good health?

Showing gratitude and appreciating good health has been at the forefront of my life and my business for more than 4 decades. It becomes more clear each day and every year that we have an incredibly precious gift that we must not ignore.

It is the very fact that this gift is given to most of us completely free that we often become complacent in our thinking about its value. Like so many other PRECIOUS things in our lives, we CANNOT purchase good health. However, we can PLAN and COMMIT time and organization to making sure that our gratitude is not just in our head or on a list of good intentions.

Our health is essential to our quality of life. We must not take this for granted.

As we know, good health, without action, can easily turn into poor health. The reality is that we have to be directly involved in maintaining this gift or we are very likely to lose it.

Go WOW Team and Go WOW Living embody my dream of individual empowerment, peer support, and professional tools for all women to discover their “athlete within” and understand the mind-body connection of movement, wellness and good health. It takes a stress reduced mind and an active body to utilize our incredible gift called HEALTH.

Truthfully, Go WOW is NOT a RUN CLUB. It is so MUCH MORE! We use running (or walking, or run-walking) as a means of exploring fitness and discovering our potential as physical beings. We work out and sweat to maintain healthy bodies and realize our athletic potential. We work out to honor our bodies and show gratitude for our health…

When you join Go WOW you are investing in yourself. You are given all the tools you need to succeed in good, physical health including professional support in nutrition and movement. My goal for you, my dream for all women, is that you are able to expand your physical potential through movement and regular fitness, making you a better person overall by reducing stress and committing to regular physical fitness.

I want to support you in striving high, to the point where you realize what your potential is. This means that you are moving toward a point that you will never reach. The journey is the goal. Take your time. Enjoy the awesome journey!

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Go WOW Team currently offers 8 workouts a week ranging from Wed and Sunday race training, to speed workouts on the track, to fitness walks in the local parks, and more. We are a club for women’s fitness and good health. We have fun, we work out hard, and we get together several times a week. We like each other and accommodate all abilities.

Go WOW offers top level coaches, certified nutritionists, a supportive environment, and the organization for you to stick with your fitness in the tough times and share your successes in the best times. This group of women can push you and each other to strive high and, at the same time, pat you on the back with genuine joy and happiness for any and all of your accomplishments.

Beginning today, all new memberships will include 2 one on one sessions with our professional coaches and nutritionists. During this time we will go over your individual needs and goals, from where you are RIGHT NOW! We will discuss your nutrition and get you started with a nutrition plan based on my award winning books.

We will also do a one on one form analysis and goal setting session to help you with your training. Whether you are an experienced runner, a novice, fitness walker, or a run-walker, we will get you going on a realistic plan to take you to the fitness level you seek.

Looking at fitness as a lifestyle and not much into competition? No problem. Go WOW is a year-round club that works out several times a week, for fitness, fun, and sometimes, faster race times.

Looking to qualify for the Boston Marathon or to do your first trail race or push your limits? We’re here for you with competent, motivated coaches who want you to succeed and know how to get you from here to there.

Now is the time to invest in your fitness and overall health. The team at Go WOW is here to assist. To join our upcoming training programs please go to and look under the training tab.

If you have questions please contact me, Stephanie Atwood at, call our phone# at 510 261-8671 or contact us by email at

Set your goals high. Come out to meet us. Prioritize your gift of health with Go WOW! I hope to meet you very soon!

Here’s to Your Best Health, Ever!


Stephanie Atwood is a best selling author and wellness authority with more than 3 decades of coaching, training and nutrition counseling. If you would like to contact her directly use her email address at or call 510 261-8671.


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