Go WOW Vision 2017 – A Word from Stephanie Kay Atwood

Go WOW Vision 2017 – A Word from Stephanie Kay Atwood

My Vision for Go WOW for 2017

Pre-race celebration. Photo by Elaine Merrill

Dear Go WOW Members and Guests,

A new year is here. It’s time for hope and a fresh look at many things including Go WOW.

As founder and head coach of Go WOW I have goals and expectations for 2017.

I want to share a few of those goals in today’s message with more coming each of the next 3 days.

It has taken more than a decade for me to truly comprehend what is so special about Go WOW. Because much of it is intangible I had to move my mind-set away from a typical “run and fitness club” for women. What is so unique and fulfilling about Go WOW are the relationships that develop AND the bridging of generations. Go WOW Members range in age from the 20’s to the 70’s. We span 3 generations yet we work out as one!

Our workout groups are not based on age but on interests and goals. We span close to 50 years between our youngest and oldest members yet our workout buddies may be at the top or bottom end of that age spectrum. Abilities and commitment also cover a broad range yet; it is my realization that this diversity is what makes our group resilient and has allowed us to survive for more than a decade.

It is my realization that this diversity is what makes our group resilient and has allowed us to survive for more than a decade – Stephanie Kay Atwood

Go WOW Team has been and will continue to be a resource and catalyst for new friends and running/workout buddies. It is one of my tasks to recruit new women as members. It is our joint task (the current members and me)  to create the atmosphere that keeps that culture thriving.

I had the privilege of running (also walking) and training with most of you in 2016. The age difference disappeared as we shared common aspirations and different struggles over the miles that we exercised together.

As your coach, I was honored to be able to share my skills and experience while also individualizing that advice, when possible. While there are more ways than one to attain training goals I was extremely proud of those of you who trusted my leadership and reaped those benefits. Your support of each other was also an integral part of your personal success and that of the team.

Go WOW Vision and Inspiration


In 2017 Go WOW will again train for the Oakland Run Fest in early April,

a Sasquatch Trail Run in late April, Rosie the Riveter (Marina Bay) in June, and Point Pinole in July. Your suggestions for workouts and other team ideas, during the first 6 months and additional goals for the remainder of the year will be valuable. As always, you can train for your own goals and I will do my best to coach you.

In 2017 I am offering all members 2 – 30 minute one on one calls with me to go over your individual goals, hopes, and dreams. I want to be there for you to the best of my ability. Let’s do the first one soon. Set up your appointment now and let’s clarify your goals, together.

All members and non-members are invited to Go WOW Events this weekend:

Sat. January 7, 9AM

Potential members. Learn about Oakland Run Fest Training and joining Go WOW Team at the $99 Oakland Run Fest Training Introduction

Sun. January 8, 8AM – 11AM

Official Welcome to 2017! Go WOW workout and planning meeting at Sports Basement in Walnut Creek. 20% shopping discount. Details on Meetup

Please try to come on Sunday if you are a current member.
Come on Saturday to learn more and join our team for a super year.

Now is the time to clarify that Go WOW vision and strive even higher in 2017.

Go WOW is the team. I am here to serve and make 2017 our most dynamic year yet.

Activate Your WOW!
Coach Stephanie Kay Atwood

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