Join the Go WOW Global Community

Join the Go WOW Global Community

We Activate the WOW of All Women Who Participate

Go WOW Membership is about You!

Go WOW Membership brings you together with an awesome group of women.

Go WOW Team and Go WOW Living were started in 2006 by runner and outdoor enthusiast Stephanie Kay Atwood. The company was formed to support women, mainly over 35 and well above that age, to find the services, programs, and support necessary to continue (or restart) a physical and fun program for lifetime wellness.

Go WOW offers free and paid products and programs around the globe. Offerings range from beginning group run training, to nutrition and weight loss advice, to online coaching, to books and supplements, and more.

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Additional Membership Levels:

Go WOW Team Training and Local Club Workouts:

Start your own local, neighborhood group or join our Bay Area Group. Workouts based on each location. Join for only $59/year.

Level 1 – Cool and Free Women – free level of membership includes newsletter, announcements, free gifts, workshops, etc.

Level 2 – Actively Involved Virtual or Neighborhood Members – basic membership level for women who choose to participate either virtually or directly 

Note: If you are currently a member of Go WOW you don’t need to change anything. Your membership stays valid just the way it is!

Our Cool and Free Members Join for No Cost

We want you to be part of our community of like-minded women from around the world. Your free Go WOW Living Membership includes:

  • A global community of women who want to stay involved in life, every day and every decade
  • The Active After 35 Thrive to 105 Podcast (with the opportunity to be interviewed)
  • The Go WOW Living Newsletter full of encouraging, enlightening, and exciting news for women who want to thrive
  • Free webinars on subjects as diverse as meal planning, mindfulness, aging, and how to train for a marathon
  • An invitation to participate and post on our international Facebook Page at WOW Living
  • Belly Fat Blowout – The Amazon Best Seller on healthy eating, fat burning, and blood sugar balance
  • Let’s talk – free, one on one introductory call with Go WOW Living staff and you

This option is FREE and open to ALL WOMEN.

Second Level – Actively Involved Member

For women who choose to participate directly but not as leaders, yet. This level includes women who want to check out GO WOW and take advantage of the awesome club benefits. Actively Involved Members receive:

  • All benefits of cool and free members plus
  • Free training programs for 5K, 10K, Half and full Marathons
  • Neighborhood workouts – based on your neighborhood and the women who have become leaders. Starting your own neighborhood workouts with mentoring from Coach Stephanie Atwood may be an option for you! (not all areas will have neighborhood workouts)
  • A Welcome to Go WOW Key Chain Tag
  • Discounts on Go WOW Products and Services
  • 50% off the Go WOW Nutrition Programs Belly Fat Blowout or Ageless, Active Nutrition
  • Your neighborhood Go WOW Facebook Page (where applicable)