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Your first talk with us is completely free and will last for 15 minutes. Take advantage of this opportunity to get to know us and learn if we should continue the relationship. Go Wow Living is dedicated to women discovering their full potential. We are not only a fitness organization. We are a lifestyle organization. We want you to benefit and grow from our relationship.

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Certified Wellness Coach Stephanie Atwood, MA, CHNRC and the Go Wow Staff are dedicated to bringing you a lifestyle of overall wellness and fitness through nutrition, movement, accountability, and group support.

Go Wow Living comprises the best that life has to offer – fitness, friendship, food and community – developing a network of adult women living healthy, balanced lives who strive to be complete within themselves, yet become even better because of their connection to each other.

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When you are ready for some focused, one on one coaching or consulting in fitness, nutrition, or lifestyle issues, our team has the skills to help.

Rates and availability for individual attention are included in our Appointment Scheduler. Start this amazing process, where you are right now, for changing your life, for the better.

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If you have questions and need to speak with a staff member please email or call us at 510 261-8671.

Are you ready to make some changes? Our team at Go WOW Living wants to help you get going strong with a wellness consultation.  We would love to speak with you about fitness, nutrition, and community – all leading to a healthy lifestyle.


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