Asian Fusion Fat Burning Soup

Asian Fusion Fat Burning Soup

Asian Fusion Fat Burning Soup. Delicious!

Email #3 plus recipe for 1:1 Asian Fusion Soup

Topic: Fat Burning with food and activity

Recipe: 1:1 Ratio for max fat burning. Asian Fusion Fat Burning Soup, a perfect blend of taste and good health. Try it soon!


Asian Fusion Soup ImgWhile there is not ONE absolute way to do things, and there is certainly controversy about all aspects of training there are a few aspects of exercise and nutrition that are pretty basic (and pretty consistent across the board).

  1. Real food (vs Synthesized Food) will benefit the user in ways that, while not easily measured, will provide a whole range of wholesome nutrients (macro and micro) that might be missing from processed foods.
  2. Energy levels are not contingent just on protein, fat, and carbohydrate. However, understanding the need for these major nutrients, especially during workouts, can make a huge difference in carbohydrate and fat utilization as energy sources.
  3. Food sensitivities can cause huge issues with nutrition absorption and energy utilization. By testing groups of foods during training, individual athletes can identify potential problems and make positive changes.

This is just the tip of the training iceberg. If it gets you thinking about your own nutrition, you are on the right path!

Almost all of us will benefit from cutting back on processed sugar and even (this shocks some of us!) natural sugars (fruit? Yes!) Our bodies often do better with other forms of nutrition besides the quick acting fruit that can cause a sugar rush and crash later. This is another article…

Change your life with real food

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