Fat Burning Nutrition for Best Workouts

Fat Burning Nutrition for Best Workouts

How Does Fat Burning Affect Our Energy?

Fat Burning Nutrition

Did you know that your energy can be increased through burning your own stores of fat?

Fat burning nutrition can make the difference between an energy-filled long workout or starting sluggish and going downhill from there.

What I’ve learned from my own testing, along with feedback from hundreds of others, is that you can change the pendulum to favor fat, your body fat, and enhance energy. You can move from burning carbohydrates to burning fat for energy throughout the day. Rather that constantly putting more food in our mouths we can train our bodies to grab those love handles and put them to work!

Move from Carb Burner to Fat Burner with Real Food and Fat Burning Nutrition

The term “carb burner” refers to people who get a majority of their energy through adding quick burning carbohydrates through their stomachs. You can actually move from being a “carb burner” to a “fat burner”. You can create longer workouts and quicker recovery through a metabolic fat burning process. Fat utilization contributes to more efficient and longer duration workouts. Burning fat makes our bodies leaner, more powerful exercising machines.

When you are lean and efficient, you have the potential to be a better athlete. This was the reason I got interested in fat burning in the first place. And it worked!

For more information about fat burning please read our page on the 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge and get your fat burning nutrition plan started today!

Stephanie Atwood is a trainer, nutritionist, and best selling author who has written several books about healthy eating and training. Her best seller Belly Fat Blowout discusses the techniques of fat burning for improved energy. This strategy works for athletes and non-athletes because it deals with blood sugar balance as its primary focus. More details about Atwood and fat burning can be found in articles on the Go WOW Website, through Amazon.com or by contacting Atwood by email at go@gowowliving.com or phone at 510 261-8671.