Fat Burning Green Chili Egg Bites

Fat Burning Green Chili Egg Bites

Green Chili Egg Bites for the Active Lifestyle

Fat Burning Recipe #4

Green-Chile-Egg Puffs-600X72 Green Chile Prep-PAN-600X72 Stephanie Atwood here with Recipe #4 celebrating the national launch of our new 30 Day Fat Burning Program.

Today’s recipe is a great snack or meal. It has been a consistent favorite of our fat burning program participants. Why?

  1. It tastes great
  2. You can make these ahead of time and store in the freezer
  3. The protein and carbohydrate ratio is 2:1 meaning that you can add some fruit or a salad to balance things out and that makes an easy, satisfying breakfast, lunch, or snack.

Here is the Green-Chile-Egg-Bites PDF Download

In addition to eating well, activity has to be a part of our lives. Regular movement, not excessive exercise, has to be an ongoing part of each of our lives. I’m not talking about the intense activity that works for serious athletes, but the common sense way of treating our bodies well by using them.

Movement needs to be a part of all of our lives because our bodies are what connect us to this earth. Our bodies protect us and allow us a connection with our physical world. We need to appreciate this gift and move regularly to honor the ability to use our bodies, actively!

As we all know, the gift of movement can be lost

Enjoy this final recipe, Green Chile Egg Puffs , a delicious, nutritious, fun food for the whole family.

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Our 30 Day Challenge asks you to include something as simple as walking for 30 minutes several days a week. Why? Because you know, and we know, that this is essential to good health AND is an integral part of fat burning.

I am requesting, today, that you consider how you can (if you are not already doing this) make movement a priority in your schedule. We want you to lose inches, eat well, and feel healthier in your amazing body. Walking, running, swimming, cycling, dancing, and hiking are possibilities. Which are your favorites? There are so many to choose from…

Activate Your WOW!

Stephanie Atwood and the 30 Day Challenge Team

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