Day 9 of Accountability

Day 9 of Accountability

Walkers on the Iron Horse Trail

From the Accountability Journal of  Go WOW Runner Elaine Merrill

Day 9:  Have had an active day thus far. I walked / ran for 6 miles and then went to the gym, where Heather supervised my beating my upper body into submission so it could be good company for my tired legs.

From the Accountability JOurnal of Elaine MerrillWhat I did: I’ve been wanting to check out a section of the Arroyo Mocha trail ever since the city finished refurbishing a section of it. I’ve been hoping it’s been upgraded to a bike-able state–it’s been okay for running but a bit rough for my city bike. So I ran north up Bernal to the Iron Horse Trail, where I cut over to the arroyo trail at Stoneridge Ave. The spiffed-up trail looks good! Stayed on it for a bit and then made a left over on Omega to Parkside Drive and from there cut across the Sports Park and made my way eastward to the gym.

We won’t talk about the 3 times I had to stop and check Google maps. For me, the simplest run can fast turn into a thrilling exercise in orienteering, also known as figuring out where you are when you’re feeling alarmingly lost.

When I got to the gym, I walked slowly on the dreadmill to cool down my legs, and then got into the weights. Let’s just say I’m no Arnold and leave it at that.

When and where I did it: See above for the “where” and take my word for it that I started out at 9:15 am and got home around 11:30. Righteous enough for me.

How it felt: Good all around. Being able to say that helps shut up that inner voice that continues to say, “Red alert! You’re getting old!” Well, aren’t we all, if we’re lucky.

Photos: The opening image, of walkers on the Iron Horse Trail, is a bit out of focus. What better way to present it than in sepia tone, which connotes a very old photograph, maybe made from a glass plate, an image that is remarkably IN focus considering that it was taken more than a century ago. Don’t burst my bubble on this–it’s working for me.

The second image shows the new all-weather surface of a portion of the trail. I’m not sure what it’s made of but am hoping it’s ground-up old running shoes. Springy!

May your spring be springy and all your workouts good all around.

Keep on running!