Eat Real Food. Feel Great

Eat Real Food. Feel Great

Food, Real Food

Eat real food for real results.When women hear that they can eat real food, exercise moderately, and lose fat for a leaner body, they rarely say, no, not interested in learning more. Who doesn’t want a healthy, lean body and the energy to go along with it?

Food is an integral part of our lives in many ways but the primary role of food is for energy, sustenance, a means of survival. Unfortunately, in the modern age, with mass production of food and the ability to be create “Better Things for Better Living…Through Chemistry.” food has become our Pandora’s Box. Additionally, in the 21st Century we try to cram so much into our days that the notion of convenience also plays very heavily into our move away from real food.

As we all know the infamous food pyramid has reversed itself, at least a few times, leaving us eaters in quite the quandary…

What are the rules this week? How should we eat?

What we’re seeing is that the return to basics has tremendous staying power even when the rules change dramatically and pyramids turn upside down. It seems that the natural foods (the least processed) stay viable, even when our most technologically contrived nutritional “advancements” fall out of favor. Good food, natural food, close to the source and mainly unprocessed, is healthy whether at the top or bottom of the pyramid. Real food is inherently good for you!

With portion control and an understanding of how to combine protein, carbohydrate, and fat you can become a healthier happier person eating all kinds of foods and even sharing the experience with people that you love.

Eat real food. This is the key.

Combining real food and moderate activity is the blueprint for good health and wellness. Our next article in this series will be about the magical combination of food and movement. Stay tuned for the magic…

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