178 Pesticides in Favorite Foods

178 Pesticides in Favorite Foods

Do you believe in the Dirty Dozen?

The “dirty dozen” is real

Though I, by nature, always remain a bit skeptical. What about you?

What is the Dirty Dozen and why should you care? Every year the Environmental Working Group releases its findings on the most pesticide ridden fruits and vegetables in the produce aisle. The question that arises from this report is “why should you, or I, or anyone, eat highly pesticide ridden fruits and vegetables when we don’t need to”?

“Strawberries, nectarines and spinach topped the list of most pesticide-laden foods, while sweet corn, avocados and pineapples were rated the “cleanest.”

The fact that 178 pesticides were found on our produce is, at least a bit, disturbing and I am tired of hearing that people can’t afford these things. We have so many alternatives and so many possibilities I am blaming lack of knowledge, not price, as the major problem.

With strawberries at the top of the list and apples only one rung down I think it’s worth looking at either buying these things organically, growing your own, or looking for alternatives.

The smallest budget has options.

I believe that people are putting their health below their pocket book in terms of importance when they can have both. Food is essential. Good food that we enjoy is part of what we enjoy! However, unless you want to calculate and research the potential DOWNSIDE of pesticide laden food, please don’t use budget as an excuse. Just stay away from the “Dirty Dozen”.

Your health matters!

I have heard many people say “organic is too expensive”. I think this is phooey! How much do you pay for your beer? How much do you pay for pizza? If you look at the nutritional value of the food and how much you pay for various items you may want to reconsider.

I want to give a “shout out” to imperfectproduce.com for looking at this issue from a creative perspective. I also want each of you to re-evaluate the quality of your existence. Whether you live for another day or another 50 years is an unknown…

But if you are lucky enough to live for another 50 or more years I would like to think that you made the effort to care and educate yourself. If you know with 80% confidence that pesticides don’t matter as much as your food budget then proceed accordingly.

If you have questions or concerns that chemicals might matter to your quality of life then why not find substitutes?

Here is the 2017 article from EWG 


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