Preview of Confidence: The Accidental Athlete

Preview of Confidence: The Accidental Athlete

My story as an accidental athlete and how running changed my life

Confidence Accidental AthleteConfidence: The Accidental Athlete

is my story. The book and this first chapter were written as part of a series about empowerment.

I hope my story is entertaining enough to keep you reading. I also hope that you will read Book 2 when it is published (scheduled for the summer of 2015) because that book is about YOU.

Why an accidental athlete?

In a nutshell, I was exposed to my athleticism through a very circuitous route. I thank my lucky stars, almost every day, that I was fortunate enough to learn to think of myself as an athlete. I want that for you, too.

Please share your thoughts about this first chapter. The entire book will be available soon on Amazon Kindle. Book 2 will be out shortly after and you will be able to preview it here on the website.

Leave a comment through our VIP List or below the post and I will notify you of Book 1’s publishing and Book 2’s as well. Enjoy! – Stephanie Atwood

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