Climb Stairs: Let Gravity Boost Your Workout

Climb Stairs: Let Gravity Boost Your Workout

Climb Stairs, Get Fit

Walking or running across even ground is a good workout

We all know that stair walking is one of the best forms of exercise out there. So let’s climb some stairs now!

but even the strongest runners might huff and puff climbing up multiple floors of stairs. Why? Because when you climb stairs you add the element of gravity working against you as you move vertically upward. This incline makes your body work harder to propel you forward.

In an article published by, one runner vows to add stairs to her training regimen to boost her strength and durability in races. However, even if you aren’t training for a race, I highly recommend taking the stairs at your office over the elevator. Here’s why:

Steady walking up stairs burns calories better than jogging.

Now that’s pretty impressive!

Don’t have a staircase at home or at work? No problem – just hop on that Stairmaster at your gym and start climbing! You will get your heart rate up and strengthen those glutes at the same time. This kind of exercise is so good for you that it’s growing on a large scale to include events worldwide, such as the “the Go Vertical Chicago climb in Chicago, the CN Tower climb in Toronto, and the Empire State Building Run-Up.” []

So next time you have the choice, choose the stairs. Go for it! Your body will thank you.

The Author: Stephanie Kay Atwood is an integrative health coach focusing on women’s wellness through nutrition, movement, and community. Go WOW Living and Go WOW Team were founded by Stephanie Atwood to support women in exploring their full potential through every decade.

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