Healing With Chiropractor Kara Waltz

Healing With Chiropractor Kara Waltz


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Hands On Healing with Chiropractor Kara Waltz

Dr. Kara Waltz has a family chiropractic practice in Oakland, CA., Waltz Family Chiropractic where she treats young and old, women and men, boys and girls. Podcast host Stephanie got to interview Kara recently and share the story of how she started out in Columbus, Ohio and migrated to California to discover her true calling.

Age: 43
Born: Ohio, USA
Current work: Chiropractor

Chiropractor Kara Waltz grew up in Columbus, Ohio and attended the University of Cincinnati where she was a scholarship athlete playing soccer and earned her BS in biology.

Looking for Adventure

Finishing college Kara took off for California looking for an adventure and landed her first career as a cell biologist doing cancer research.

After several years working in the corporate science world she knew there was something more.  At 28 years old she entered graduate school and earned her Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2006.  During her chiropractic education she also coached a young girls soccer team, was a member of a professional sorority dedicated to service, volunteered at a women’s shelter and did extensive traveling.

When Kara finished with her doctorate she took the opportunity to travel on her own through South America. participating in several non-profit service trips donating her chiropractic skills with a team of colleagues, in under-served communities in Brazil, El Salvador, Peru and more recently Haiti, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Dr. Kara has specialized her chiropractic training to caring for pregnant women and children.

Dr. Kara Loves Teaching

She also loves to teach and has taught all types of health-related classes in her office including an informative talk for parents on childhood vaccinations.  She also teaches adjusting and philosophy courses to chiropractic students in her Oakland office. She recently bought her first home in Forestville, CA and is immensely enjoying the redwoods. swimming in the river and her first veggie garden.  These days she still plays indoor soccer, stand up paddles and hopes to get back to snowboarding this coming winter.




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