Challenge Your Family & Friends

Challenge Your Family & Friends

Challenge Yourself.

Set an example for your family and friends

30 Day Fat Burning Challenge created by Stephanie Atwood
Best selling book on Amazon. The 30 Day Challenge begins with this book then takes you further for changes that can become positive lifelong habits.

It’s time to challenge your family & friends to share food, “break bread”, create joy with the gifts of food, family and fitness.

One of the huge issues in our country these days is that we don’t sit down together for meals. With food preferences, work and play schedules, and packaged convenience foods many of us have lost touch with the value of sharing a meal. So sad!

This is Stephanie Atwood, Nutritionist Coach/Trainer, and Author of the Best Selling Book Belly Fat Blowout. My 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge is launching on May 3, only a few hours away and I would love to have you and your family participate.

While my 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge offers weight loss and nutrition guidance it is truly a program for understanding good food and the joy of good health.. The other challenge, for many of us, is to stay fit, to honor our bodies and how hard they work to keep us healthy. We cover this in the 30 day challenge.

Don’t you want these things in your life? Don’t you want these things for those you love and care about?

My challenge to you is to join the 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge and get your family to join you. This will allow you all to stay accountable to each other, eat the same food, and even have fun with it.

Daily or weekly contests? There are so many ways to stay committed when you have family and friends doing the program, too.

With good health as our overarching goal and fat burning fitness as an immediate target I encourage you to join me. Bring your family and friends along.

Stephanie Atwood is a best selling author, speaker, and wellness authority
Stephanie Atwood, creator of the 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge, has been an advocate for good health for more than 3 decades. Isn’t it time you experienced her message?

Challenge each other to create better habits. Challenge each other to look at food as a family opportunity and time to share. If you use just one email address, a whole family can participate for only $59!

Now is the time. The program starts very soon and this price is good only for this special, national launch. Gone forever in less than 2 days…

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Activate Your WOW!
Stephanie Atwood
Creator of the 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge