Burn More Fat. Don’t Work Out Too Hard

Burn More Fat. Don’t Work Out Too Hard

Learn to burn more fat. Fat stores can be utilized for energy and reduce our need for carbohydrates.
Want to burn more fat? Fat stores can be utilized for energy and reduce our need for carbohydrates.

Ultimate Fat Burning Potential

Burn more fat. Just sweat a little.

Sandra was a walker (name is made up but the story is true). Sandra walked for fitness and knew how to work up a sweat, for sure, but the lady did not run, ever. Yet, when Sandra determined to get serious about losing inches and burning fat, her walking was the perfect way to maximize results.

What Sandra and thousands of other women learned was that regular activity at a moderate rate of effort was BETTER for losing weight and inches than running a mile in Olympic Qualifying times.

Moderate activity, done on a regular basis can produce better results

How could this be? The simple truth is that a moderate level of activity, done on a regular basis, can produce better weight loss and fat reduction than strenuous activity and long hours of extreme exercise.

Why? The explanation is simple. The basis for this is that your body wants to be active and always in balance. This is the way we are genetically programmed.

We are geared to an active lifestyle all the way from our caveman days. People moved on a regular basis! However, we weren’t always running from lions! Most of the time we were moving at a moderate pace to forage, relocate, track animals, etc. Our days were filled with moderate movement. We had to move to survive.

Additionally, our bodies needed to sustain us with energy enough to continue our daily duties. Thus, we have a built in mechanism, a very strong mechanism that wants balance. Homeostasis is the word for our body’s desire for balance in all things.  When needed, our body can perform amazing feats of speed and strength yet, for daily survival, we crave balance and moderation.

Our walker Sandra was following an ancient tradition, as basic to human needs as breathing. Moving and staying in balance was instrumental to health and, indeed, survival. Today, many of the survival details are changed and, with a few tweaks to activity and nutrition, we can return to a healthier place, based on ancient traditions but realizing the impact of a modern lifestyle.

With moderate movement introduced the next step is how to look at food for the same results. How can we create balance in our eating? How can we arrive at a healthy weight and train our bodies to utilize fat deposits for energy, optimum wellness and a long term satisfying relationship with food? We’ll talk about nutrition in the next article…