The Bone Lady Irma Jennings

The Bone Lady Irma Jennings

The Bone Lady Irma Jennings says to start young

Bone health is not just for “old folks”

Diagnosed with osteopenia (bone density reduction) in 2005 her diagnosis was met with a prescription pad. As with most women, Irma Jennings found herself alone with the decision “to take prescription drugs or not to take” and if not, what other options were there?

She decided NOT to take the drug option presented. Many women find themselves in this situation after their DEXA test reveals osteopenia or osteoporosis. Irma listened to her body as it said “NO to the drugs. This began her Food for Healthy Bones journey.

Her choice was calcium and mineral rich foods and today her bones are strong and have not become osteoporotic. Listen in as Irma shares details of and insight into that journey from the doctor’s office to where she is now.

Irma’s episode is now available on iTunes. Click here to listen.

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