Sharon Wood After Everest

Sharon Wood After Everest

Sharon Wood Episode 2

21st Century Mountain Woman

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In our series on Mountain Women in the Golden Age, a big part of what makes these women stand out is that they remain active mountain women in the 21st Century!

Sharon Wood is still climbing, mountaineering, and sharing her skills with others – some as young as 70+!

Sharon Wood is a perfect example of an active 2017 mountain woman. In 1986 Sharon was the first North American Woman to stand on top of Mt. Everest. While this is no small accomplishment Sharon considers her biggest successes as raising 2 boys and creating an alternative K-12 school. Her humble attitude about climbing the tallest mountain in the world is something I see in most of the women I interview.

They are humble and sometimes even apologetic for what they have attained. I am inspired and yield to this fact as (possibly) a female characteristic. There seems to be a level of gratitude for the opportunity to accomplish something, through through exceptional goals, beyond a need for validation to others, that they have done something great.

Thus, in 2017 I am conducting a second interview with Sharon Wood. This one skips over Everest and covers other parts of the story.

Sharon and I met in 1974 at the Canadian Outward Bound Mountain School where she was a student of mine. We only reconnected recently and I am so glad we did!

Enjoy this story of the adventures of Sharon Wood, Mountain Woman who has chosen to make the mountains an integral part of her life.



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