Active After 35 the Podcast

Active After 35 the Podcast

An invitation to listen

Join us on our new podcast

Welcome to Active After 35, an adventure into wellness and vitality especially for adult women. This is Stephanie Atwood, founder of the Active After 35 Podcast. I am firmly entrenched in the northern hemisphere in the SF Bay Area, California.

Bev Short, is my co-host for the show. Bev is from “down under” in Wellington, New Zealand. Both of us want to share a message about aging well.

We are all getting older

We are ALL getting older, every day, yet there is no reason to compromise on a full, fun, and active life. What does this mean?

It means that Bev and I want to share information and motivation to keep you feeling alive and fit, every day in every way, no matter what your age. With Bev in her 50’s and me in my 60’s, we have lived long enough to weather a few storms and still look forward to each new day.

We interview experts and just plain, real people, too

We interview experts ranging in age from mid-30’s to the 100’s and in subjects as diverse as marathon training to planning meals, meditating, and shopping at Farmers’ Markets.

We have women from around the globe contributing their expertise and insight into the many subjects that affect us through the decades. We will also share from our own fitness and nutrition backgrounds.

These talks are geared to motivate, educate, and entice you. And, there will be surprises along the way!

Always active, seeking wellness

Topics are limitless but all fall into the category of Active and Well after 35 with no top age limit. Let’s have some fun and make new friends. Let’s share time with each other.

Head on over to view the podcast episodes already listed on our website at You are also invited to subscribe via your favorite podcatcher and automatically receive a new 30 minute program each week.

Active After 35 can be found on the iTunes Store, Stitcher, Libsyn, Soundcloud and more. With the RSS feed, you can add it to any listening app. Our official launch is scheduled for late March 2017 but you can get a preview now on our website and subscribe today! We are already active with 3 beta episodes on the Apple Apps along with the Android App and an RSS feed for most other podcast listening applications.

This first series will highlight outstanding women of all ages and from around the globe

Here are 4 of the 12 scheduled:

  • Kathrine Switzer, a New Yorker, celebrates her epic run at the Boston Marathon 50 years go
  • Also featured is Holly Haley, a California girl, who shares what it’s like to lose over 100 pounds and go through the process of having extra skin surgically removed
  • We have Laura Dempsey, from southern New Zealand, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Laura turned her illness around through natural, holistic healing focusing on food, and healthy living
  • And New Englander Irma Jennings, the bones lady, will discuss how early we want to start thinking bone strength and create an environment to keep our bones strong and flexible throughout our lives.

Bev and I promise to keep it interesting and informative. Please join us now on our website at to listen and subscribe. You won’t want to miss this!

As Bev says “It’s going to be great!

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