What Activates Your WOW?

What Activates Your WOW?

Learning to Love Running

This story is about my life pre-and post running. The factors that led me to learn how to run provided a major foundation for understanding my purpose in life. Whereas running can be a very personal experience it also has the potential to be shared. When shared running creates growth and incredibly meaningful relationships.

Photo by Elaine Merrill

What activates your WOW?

I guess we all ran as kids but I never did anything “official” until I graduated from high school. To get out of highcschool (and I was soooo ready to get out!) we had to run a mile in under 12 minutes.

You could have told me I needed to run a world record time for all that meant to me. I had never had to pace myself or go a distance without stopping. I was PISSED OFF because I had no idea how to accomplish what I was asked to do.

Additionally, we senior girls, never got to practice on the track for PE. The track and football field were boys’ turf. The lack of support and expectation that somehow, we would be able to complete that mile with no preparation made me so angry that it changed my life.

I knew that running a mile was possible yet had no concept of how to accomplish it. I set out to find answers because of that unjust and discriminatory action directed at females.

That was the beginning of my running and the understanding that women need to know their “athlete within”. Each of us who is, in fact, blessed with physicality, needs to honor, respect and pursue our physical limits.

Go WOW Living and Go WOW Team created the original impetus and now they are my dream and my passion. I hope to bring opportunity and support to all women, so that they can know the joys of movement and believe in their own athletic ability.

We’re getting there, one step at a time…

Coach Stephanie Atwood

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