The Strength & Conviction to Start Each Day Anew

The Strength & Conviction to Start Each Day Anew


The Strength and Conviction to Start Each Day Anew

Stephanie Atwood here with recording #3 in our fat burning series. This one is about motivation and how much it contributes to a healthy life. The podcast itself is just about 10 minutes and doesn’t address fat burning, at all!

Motivation is good. Too much fat burning talk may need a break…

Start each day anew

I share 4 motivational quotes with you and talk a bit about how motivation can make your life better. I also share a bit of my own story and why, the longer we live, the more ups and downs we’re all going to experience That’s the gist of this 3rd podcast and that’s kind of the way life is. Agreed?

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Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Charles R. Swindoll

photo by Colleen Blakelock
photo by Colleen Blakelock

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Take action now by “doing”. Take time to allow for change and be open to letting it happen. Let each new day be just that, a NEW  DAY. REVEL in the potential. Join the world of sunshine. Be willing to contribute. Shed the Negative, Share the Positive. Shine in Your Own Light. – Stephanie Atwood

Explore your potential.

Discover new motivation for life.

Activate Your WOW!
Stephanie Atwood

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Podcast #3:  Motivation to Stay Fit for the Rest of Your Life. What Does it Take? 

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