Run Club? Start My Own?

Run Club? Start My Own?

Start a run club today. It's not difficult and it's fun.
The biggest factor is understanding WHY you want to start this journey?

Start a run club?

Is it time to start your own? Yes, it may be time!

How to start a run club?

This is the first question you want to ask yourself. If you can figure out WHY you want to start a run club, the rest is just details.

Here is an excerpt from our new book How to Start a Run Club, by Stephanie Atwood and Lizette Militar

Step 1 – Ask Why?

Why Form Your Own Run Club?

A simple question but an important consideration, nonetheless. Starting a run club is almost always based on someone looking for a running partners or a running community. If you are willing to be the impetus for a club, the rest can be very straightforward and extremely simple.

Ask yourself this question? Why do I want to start a run club?

  • Your club can be as simple as a once a week meeting at a local run store and heading out for an hour.
  • Or, you can create a club that caters to a certain type of runner/athlete
  • Your club can be for all runners or only certain types of runners
  • Your club can be gender specific, age specific, or speed specific
  • Your club could be terrain or event specific such as a trail running or mud run/obstacle course club
  • Your club could train for a certain race then disband until the next year to train for that race again
  • You might want a club that meets regularly
  • Your club can meet weekly, twice a week, once a month, you choose
  • Your club can be small or big. Maybe you just want a few running partners, nothing more.

The basic question remains. Why do you want to start a club?

While it can be easy enough to start a basic, neighborhood, run club, it will still take your time and effort to get the ball rolling.

For the purposes of this book many of us are just interested in getting a group of runners together and are willing to get things started. OK. Whether you are setting out to lead the greatest run club that ever was or have more humble ideas (at least initially) let’s get the WHY going and the rest of the steps will be much easier to arrange.

Here are some checklist items to get you started on the why? While Simon Sinek clarifies that many of us will never be leaders in the same league as Gandhi or JFK or Martin Luther King this shouldn’t stop us from starting a run club!

Basic Questions to Ask Yourself. Why Start a Run Club?

  1. Why should this club exist? What need does it fill?
  2. Is someone else already doing the same thing?
  3. Am I willing to lead the club and keep things going while it develops? Y/N
  4. Do I have time in m schedule for the “detail oriented, non-running” parts of starting a new club? Y/N
  5. Is my motivation strong enough to follow through (and possibly cover all the bases) while my club grows? Y/N

If you feel that you have the energy and believe that you can fill a need then the WHY is covered.

The rest is just details…

As of Fall 2015 Lizette and I are finishing up writing this book.Your input would be most useful, especially your questions. Share, please…

Stephanie Atwood is a best selling author, speaker, and wellness authority

Stephanie Atwood is a best-selling author , speaker, and wellness authority who has written numerous books on health, wellness, and a fitness lifestyle. You can find her books at Amazon, Knobo, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and more.

She is founder of Go WOW Living, Go WOW Team, and At Last The Best.

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