Nutritionist Stephanie Atwood

Nutritionist Stephanie Atwood

Stephanie Atwood Nutritionist and creator of the 30 Day Challenge
Atwood discovered an interesting phenomenon. Most runners had no idea what to do about their nutrition!

Nutritionist and Wellness Authority Stephanie Atwood

More than 4 decades of experience with sports nutrition & healthy eating

Coach Stephanie Atwood has been running for more than 30 years, coaching for almost as long, and became a certified nutritionist early in 2012. The new found knowledge has made a huge difference in her own training and that of her clients.

There is a direct correlation between good food, weight control, and great training

30 years ago Atwood had no idea how closely fitness and nutrition were connected! In fact, she started running because she wanted to lose weight.

Her understanding of nutrition was limited to believing that calorie counting was the only way to lose weight. She had no idea that the nutrition in the food could make all the difference.

Calories in, calories out is so far from the truth

A package of Oreos at 3000 calories will not achieve the same effect in your body as 3000 calories of mixed, nutritious, real food from all the essential food groups.

Her diet at that time consisted of donuts and coffee with artificial creamer for breakfast, fast food for lunch, and crackers with peanut butter or cheese for dinner. No wonder she gained more than 20 pounds in her first year out of school. She thought she was living (and eating) like an adult!

Several decades later, with an intense curiosity in addition to a desire to improve her running, Stephanie went back to school to become a certified nutritionist. For the past decade this has been her main focus on fitness…finding the connections between food and activity, learning the complexities of the human body and how to nourish it to its greatest benefit.

Belly Fat Blowout is about healthy fat burning

Atwood delved into the fat burning concept to learn more. From her own experience and those of the beta testing group she wrote her first book about metabolic fat burning called Belly Fat Blowout, an Amazon best-seller.

Nutritionist and Professional Trainer Atwood developed an incredible “fat burning” program, for athletes and non-athletes, based on her best selling book, blood sugar balance and metabolic fat burning of the body’s own fat stores. This led to the creation of the 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge, an easy to follow program transforming its participants from fat to fit, lowering body fat percentages significantly.

Stephanie offers group classes and individual coaching in nutrition.

She will always remind you that food without fitness is pointless

The converse is also true. Fitness with poor food choices will not honor the vehicle that connects us to this earth in a most direct and essential way. Join her soon for a memorable and educational journey into food with fitness.

For nutritional consultations with Stephanie Atwood, Please contact us by phone at 510 261-8671 or book a consultation soon. Your best health awaits…

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