Continue the 30 Day Fat Burn Challenge

Continue the 30 Day Fat Burn Challenge

It’s Time to Burn Fat, Get Lean & Be Fit

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In just 30 days, shed that annoying belly fat and create a lean, fat burning machine! Learn our nutrition and fitness secrets to jumpstart your metabolism for a leaner, more energetic, and confident you.

The Go WOW 30-Day Fat Burning Challenge tackles those irritating love handles, muffin tops, lower-belly pooches and encourages a healthy body image.


[14 pounds gone!] “…now gonna keep with it. Thnx Steph” – Martin

Italy Yellow Wall Crop“I loved the 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge because I really needed support to start taking care of my health. I am a busy entrepreneur + mom, and those two things have taken over. I left my health for last and that’s just not an option. Participating in this program was perfect because I learned how to reduce my sugar intake which gave me more energy. I also started walking daily and that also gave me more energy. Stephanie is a healthy lifestyle expert. She knows her stuff and this program can really help you change habits to create a truly healthy lifestyle. Totally worth it! – Desha

“Day 30!!! Yayyy!! [Down 12 pounds] Thank you for this Challenge, all the positive feedback and all the useful information!” – Samara

Colleen- 150XGoing really well. Down a few pounds…really feel great – much more energy…and NO intestinal issues at all. That is remarkable for me…Gluten intolerant perhaps…A great challenge – but very revealing and rewarding!” – Colleen

…I’m happy to report a reduction in my weight by four pounds in this short space of time. I knew I had a problem area of ‘belly fat’ but this began to reduce after first 10 days. Fantastic! visually therefore mentally so much better. Didn’t originally consider myself too much overweight at 9 st 2lb (128 pounds) but nonetheless as a healthy eater generally, felt sluggish. This has proved itself as the best detox ever. Thank you Stephanie & Team” – Margaret

Zenobia | 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge“Down 10 lbs !!!!!”- Zenobia

“Thanks for this detailed explanation, Stephanie. This has been the most helpful part of this program for me…understanding (trying to) the importance of food combining. I notice the difference in how I feel when I get it right for a period of time”. – Nicole

2 Simple Techniques to Transform Your Body

With just 2 simple things to remember you can make the 30 day challenge fit your unique needs. Create that new body and enjoy extra energy as you transition from where you are now to where you want to be.

Eat Real Food

Move on a Regular Basis

Transformation Awaits

  • Improve your body image

  • Become a fat-burning machine

  • Redefine muscle-tone

  • Lose pounds

  • Decrease inches

  • Change lifestyle habits

  • Feel healthy and vital

How Will I Benefit from the 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge?

Your body will transform when you commit to healthy food and regular activity. We share tips and tricks that make change easy and fun. Follow our 30 Day Fat Burning Challenge and experience the difference that will activate your WOW! For less than a latte per day, you can create a healthier, happier, more vibrant “fat burning” you.

More Testimonials

OK – so yes pants are looser – down 3 lbs! Feeling good. I have really learned where I can improve my diet – I have known for a long time I need to add more veggies – and this program shows me great ways to do that – Inever would have done an arugla smoothie!! I do need to organize my snacks better (to bring to work). I have also discovered that I think I liked Cofffemate better than the coffee itself smile emoticon After a fews days adjusting to the taste – and only 2 cups. I am hungry – particularly in the AM….I do add extra snacks – nuts or veggies…Anxious to continue the journey! – Colleen K

Hi Stephanie, I really appreciate all your experience coaching.  And for such personalized and specific feedback. (Husband) laughed and listened when I told him no ice cream in the fridge, or milkshakes before dinner.  I’m going to go put my toddler on our bike now. Cheerily, Debbie

Out With the Bad. In With the Good!

  • Lose inches
  • Burn fat
  • Cravings away
  • Balanced blood sugar
  • Increased confidence
  • Accountability
  • Improved energy
  • Buddies
  • Lowered body fat percentage
  • Less or no inflammation
  • Better health
  • Fired-up metabolism

Here is What You’ll Receive in the 30 Day Package:

  • Daily emails bring you inspiration and reminders for the day
  • Complete meal plan and shopping list
  • Recipes help you stay focused and eating well
  • Activity suggestions keep you moving
  • Simple steps each day lead to 30 day success
  • Bonus recordings and interviews
  • Private & Secret Support Group
  • Professional coaching through bi-weekly live Q & A Sessions

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Let’s do this! Together!

Your fat burning success begins today

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Even More Testimonials

“This program has changed my life.” – Kathleen

“It’s a great program that is easy to follow and provides excellent results.” – Lauren 

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Cost is Less than two personal training sessions.

130116-1743649_10151858297776296_1940012526_n copyThis program was developed by award winning nutritionist, trainer, and best-selling author Stephanie Atwood, M.A.  

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Go WOW Founder and 30 Day Challenge Creator Stephanie Atwood says “Now is your time!”

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