Baby Strollers OK?

Baby Strollers OK?

An answer about strollers and dogs from the Go WOW Archives March 31, 2010

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Woman pushing her little girl in a toddler while running in nature with friends
Come run with Go WOW. Bring the baby (or even the dog) along.

Hi Stephanie— I just joined online. I have a 3-year-old and a jogging stroller. Is it ok to bring her? Will I be the only person walking? I’m hoping to not just get in shape, but also meet some people and have conversations that don’t involve threatening to turn off the cartoons – Teena

Hi Teena – Thank you for contacting The WOW Team. We definitely have women who walk and even some with strollers or dogs! That said, the group is for fitness so, you need to walk (or run) hard. If that is your goal, then why not give us a try? We also strive for 60 minutes of movement. The pace is not the issue, just the attitude that we’re not strolling and we’re trying for a minimum workout of 60 minutes. More is OK too.

Conversation is essential and definitely a part of what our group strives for. The social and supportive part of exercising with other women and, for you, having interaction with adults is, I know, an issue. I have four children who are now grown but I remember the days when everything was scheduled around them (and justifiably so). It was great when they started school full time!

Give us a try. I think you’ll be glad you did! Go WOW Team! – Coach Stephanie

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